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Welcome to the ZUBR Register of Belarusian Internet Resources! Please note that this multilingual WWW directory contains only links to either Belarusian or Belarus-related Web sites/pages.

The ZUBR Register forms a core of the ZUBR Portal owned and developed by ECOPRESS Information Agency. ECOPRESS established in 1993 and based in Minsk, capital city of Belarus and CIS (ex-USSR), has a stable reputation among Belarusian clients as a distributor of current financial and economic news.

ECOPRESS Agency also provides the following services both for domestic and foreign clients: translations, printing and advertising as well as Web site/page design/creation, software development and IT personnel recruitment. Besides a number of Internet-based projects are being developed at present. The multilingual ZUBR Register is one of them.

Being engaged in Internet advertising of Belarusian manufacturers and importers we have faced the fact that potential foreign consumers and partners often know practically nothing about Belarus and can not find any information about it in Internet in their native languages. Thus it has resulted in an idea to create an Internet portal based on the multilingual ZUBR Register of Belarusian Internet Resources. Naturally English, Spanish, German and French have been chosen as the languages of the ZUBR Portal because they belong to the most widespread world languages.

We also plan to offer multilingual visitors to the ZUBR Portal daily news on Belarusian politics, economy and culture in English, Spanish, German and French as well as regional geographical and reference information as additional service. That is why the ZUBR Portal could be attractive for potential foreign clients as a perspective means of the Web advertising in the Russian-language Internet content. Besides the ZUBR Portal will provide other Internet services for its clients, e.g. Internet access, free E-mail accounts, e-commerce, etc.

The multilingual ZUBR Portal is the first and the only project of this kind in Belarus at present. Unfortunately the amount of financing required for the initial stage of the ZUBR Portal development exceeds our present capabilities. Therefore we seek for either direct investors interested in the above project or potential partners which could act as sponsors of the project.

Anyhow we strive to become one of the most reliable and comprehensive sources of information about Belarus for Internet surfers from all over the World.

We hope you will visit the ZUBR Register again.

In any case your comments or suggestions will be welcome.

The ZUBR Register team
Minsk, Republic of Belarus (ex-USSR)